Revolutionizing Brand Strategy: How Unflow Empowered Definition AI

08 November, 2023

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Revolutionizing Brand Strategy: How Unflow Empowered Definition AI

Revolutionizing Brand Strategy: How Unflow Empowered Definition AI

Unflow's innovative spirit and expertise in AI

We have redefined brand strategy for Definition AI, the UK's leading brand consultancy. In a ground-breaking collaboration, Unflow engineered a state-of-the-art AI platform tailored to Definition AI’s unique requirements for security, collaboration, and GDPR compliance. This platform is not just a tool but a transformative environment, allowing teams to craft compelling narratives and strategies with the efficiency and creativity demanded by today’s fast-paced market. The custom AI solution facilitates a seamless, chat-like experience reminiscent of ChatGPT, with enhanced features such as real-time collaboration, chat history retention, and in-chat image generation.

It’s a leap forward in strategic development, where advanced technology meets human-centric design to streamline workflows, ignite collaborative sparks, and carve pathways for storytelling that resonates.
Early results showcase a striking uptick in efficiency, with Definition AI poised to reshape how brands communicate and strategize internally. With this AI-powered platform, Unflow is not just delivering a product but crafting an experience that defines the future of brand alignment consultancy.

In a world where technology meets creativity, Unflow is a beacon of innovation, committed to crafting the most human and compelling software products. Our mission is to create user experiences of a lifetime, seamlessly blending bold design with cutting-edge technology. This case study explores our partnership with Definition AI, the UK's leading brand alignment consultancy, known for its work with giants like Pfizer and Microsoft. Together, we embarked on a journey to address a critical challenge: integrating an AI tool for internal communications and customer strategy development that was both secure and collaborative.


Definition AI came to Unflow with a clear vision: they required an AI platform that would not only streamline their processes but also comply with GDPR and guarantee that all content generated would remain confidential and not be used to train external models. Their goal was to harness AI's power to refine their press releases, branding, and content strategies more efficiently.


Our task was to create a sanctuary of innovation within Definition AI, where ideas could flourish securely and seamlessly. The objectives were straightforward yet ambitious:
To develop a GDPR-compliant, secure AI environment.
To provide a platform capable of integrating with advanced AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and other fine-tuned models.
To enable real-time collaboration, edit capabilities, and chat history maintenance for better team synergy.

Solution by Unflow

Unflow’s bespoke AI platform emerged as a beacon of innovation, delivering on all fronts. It featured:
An intricate authentication system for comprehensive admin control.
A sophisticated chat interface, providing a user experience paralleling that of ChatGPT.
Real-time collaboration tools and chat-sharing functionalities.

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Technology Stack

The technology underpinning this marvel was a blend of modern frameworks and cloud services: Next.js, Nest.js, and AWS, to name a few. Our use of Material UI and Postman, combined with the deployment capabilities of Vercel and the orchestration of GitHub Actions, ensured a robust and scalable solution.


The development was a testament to seamless teamwork and synergy between Unflow and Definition AI’s specialists. A landmark challenge was addressed innovatively—managing state, context, and historical chat data in a platform designed to forget after each interaction. Our solution: an intricate method of storing messages to ensure a continuous, coherent conversation.


With the platform now live, Definition AI is on the cusp of a new era in strategy development. Early indicators are promising:


A significant reduction in the time spent on repetitive tasks


An increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction


Improved team brainstorming and collaboration sessions

Revolution in Business Strategy

Impact on Definition AI

While the full impact on internal communications is still unfolding, the platform has already revolutionized how Definition AI crafts strategies. The knowledge-sharing facet of the AI tool has led to an unprecedented synergy between teams.


Generate an image about healthcare

Definition AI image generation about healthcare


Future Developments

The journey with the Definition of AI is far from over. Unflow is committed to evolving the platform, with Version 2 in development and plans for Version 3 and a potential white-label solution in the pipeline.

Long-Term Benefits

Looking ahead, Definition AI stands to reap monumental benefits, such as marked reductions in operational costs and streamlined processes, freeing up the team to take on larger and more complex customer portfolios.

Unflow’s Expertise

This project is a testament to Unflow's expertise in weaving together multiple technologies, showcasing our capability to integrate Gen AI, OCR, Machine Learning, and RAG Fusion into a cohesive, real-time collaborative experience.

Luke Budka

AI director


"They were able to quickly and capably build us a highly secure private environment"

“We deal with a lot of confidential client data and had to lock down usage of all generative AI in early 2023, to prevent commercial breaches. We turned to Unflow for a solution. They were able to quickly and capably build us a highly secure private environment for all of our employees to operate in. We have seen internal usage skyrocket as every team benefits from huge performance benefits. Our clients are now talking to us about building similar environments for their teams, and we look forward to collaborating with Unflow on these projects in the future. I’d highly recommend the team at Unflow – if you get the opportunity to work with them, do it!”

Luke Budka
Definition in London office

Definition in London office

Tech stack


React / Next.js


React / Next.js

Open AI



Cloud Infrastructure



UI Kit

Material UI

Testing Platforms










The collaboration between Unflow and Definition AI stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology when applied with precision and creativity. Our custom-built AI platform has not only met the high expectations set forth by Definition AI but has exceeded them, setting a new standard for innovation in brand strategy. The remarkable improvements in efficiency, security, and collaborative strategy development have not just been incremental; they have been revolutionary. This new technology has not only enabled the crafting of more resonant brand narratives but has fostered a culture of continuous improvement and team cohesion that transcends traditional methods. Definition AI now navigates its marketplace with unprecedented agility, backed by the robust, intuitive AI tools provided by Unflow.

As we look to the horizon, Unflow is not resting on its laurels. Energized by the success of our initial launch, we are actively developing the next iteration of this groundbreaking platform. With Version 2 underway and Version 3 in conceptual stages, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our vision for a future where AI and human creativity coalesce into a single, unstoppable force is becoming a reality, paving the way for even more intuitive, more powerful tools. The journey with Definition AI continues, and the promise of reducing operational complexities while enhancing the creative process is brighter than ever. Stay tuned, for the evolution of AI in brand strategy is just beginning.

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